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There's been a crime in Ann Arbor, MI.
you can solve it?

Ann Arbor, MI Walking Map.png
Ann Arbor, MI detective audio game

professional voice actors

14 different characters

immersive audio experience

number of people

accommodates groups of any size

download to any number of devices

mature content

recommended age 16+

contains explicit language, references to violence, drug use and sex

2 hours play time

not time sensitive

take as long as you like to complete

multiple ways to play

solve the crime as a group

compete against each other

group vs group

compare to

city scavenger hunt games

escape rooms & murder mystery events

dramatic audio podcasts

3 difficulty levels

easy | enjoy the story

normal | get Aspen's intel

realistic | like a real detective

choose your experience

enjoy driving or walking maps

multiple game maps in each city

same story in each location

detective notebook

use on your device or print your own

helps stay organized

take notes on the case

Episode Teasers

Andrew Hartley lived a pretty quiet life. So who would want to murder him? Was it his wife Kelsey? A desperate drug addict Phil? His wife's secret lover Ferris? It's up to you to find out!

* * This experience is not suitable for all ages as it contains adult material such as profanity & references to sex, violence & drug use

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