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Scene of the Crime

Body found at 02:30.


Boot tread Size 9, Timberland. 

Wood fibers in hair. 

Andrew Hartley.


Figure approaching at 01:10.

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Phil's Squeegee Service

Phil squeegee 10 or 10:30. Desperate, angry. Mentioned murdering someone. Weapon - squeegee?


FRASS 3918

Phil @ intersection 10:30 - 11:30 with wooden squeegee.


FRASS 4921

Ferris walking 1:05 towards crime scene.

Phil's Night Out

Phil Tucker - manager called at 12:30, kicked out at 01:00. Had wooden squeegee. Begging for $. Agitated.


FRASS 2827

Kelsey Hartley. 7:30pm. Walking by.

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Phil's Arrest

Phil caught stealing duct tape @ 7, arrested at 8. Back door left open.

Forensic Tag 5A

Starbucks Coffee Cup. Found in garbage with vic's blood splatter. 'Jade' written on cup. DNA found 20% match with vic.

Forensic Tag 1A

Mens size 9 Timberland Redwood boots found @ 10pm. DNA match Phil.

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Albion's Lucky Day

Albion and Andrew conversation at 6pm. Big inheritance. Domestic issues with Kelsey? Albion asking questions - followed Andrew at 6:15pm.


FRASS 2817

Mel Hartley running with bat. 11:30pm.

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Albion at the Bank

Andrew @ bank 8:30pm. Albion arrived 8:45. Trying to steal Andrew's $. Escorted out. $45 million in account!!

FRASS 4192

Albion taking pics of Andrew at ATM. 8:30pm.

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Kelsey's Dinner

Kelsey in restaurant 7-8pm. Rude, drinking. Googling life insurance info. Mel (server) off on some facts? Timeline?

Forensic Tag 6A

ID Badge with Name + DNA = Ferris. Near scene of crime.

FRASS 1439

Andrew walking by at 12:30. Nothing unusual.

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Kelsey's Therapy Session

Kelsey @ Dr. Reece's house 12:30am for 5 mins. Angry. Domestic issues with Andrew. Smashed mailbox with bat. Knew about $?

Forensic Tag 3A

Pool Cue found at 2:15am. Albion's? Damaged. No DNA or prints.

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Andrew's Tail

Albion and Andrew @ hotel bar. 6:30 - 7:30pm. Albion had redwoods on. Picture of Andrew's bank card? Following him?

FRASS 4292

Albion. Church 12:30 - 01:00. Drunk?

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Kelsey's Date

Kelsey and Ferris - affair. At show 9-945pm, fought before she left. Kelsey with bat bag, tracking software? Ferris = sz 14 feet, nervous.

Forensic Tag 2A

Anoymous caller @ 2am saw Kelsey board bus, leave old wooden bat behind. Signed by player with cert of authenticy in Kelsey's name. No prints. DNA match to Kelsey.

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