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  • Tutorial (Detective Moray)
    Welcome detectives, I’m Detective Moray. I’ll be giving you a quick tutorial of how all this works before you hit the streets. Now, you’re probably wondering why a Detective is on tutorial duty.. Well.. don’t get on Mahoney’s bad-side.. That’s all I’ll say about that. There’s a few things you should know before you get going. In general, your job as new detectives is to travel to the various locations marked on the map. Now.. I hear you're working from home today, not to worry.. thanks to some recent technological upgrades here at the precinct you'll have everything you need to 'catch the killer'. I know you're probably tempted to do this in pajamas... but I'm telling you, a slim fitting dark suit or power jacket complete with a detective hat and permanent scowl will help you solve this case. As you virtually travel to each location, you’ll listen to the audio and keep track of any evidence or clues you find. You know.. Detective stuff.. We’ve identified 5 possible suspects, whom you’ll learn more about when Commander Mahoney briefs you on the case. At the end, you’ll issue an arrest warrant and see if you ‘picked the right perp’. Alright, so let's go over how it works. By now I'm sure you've noticed the map with the locations to visit marked. To move from location to location, just tap or click on the icon from the main map, which you see here. We'll use the second location to show you the ropes, so go ahead and tap on number 2. Here, you'll see the map along with some additional notations. These correspond to the audio to listen to, which is on the right. Don't do it now, but all you need to do is tap or click on the play icons to hear the audio. It's best to go in order from top to bottom. The first one will be the main audio, which are either interviews from Detective Parr-uhm or anonymous callers to the tipline. Below that, you’ll either see one or two additional audio clips. These are from our Lead Forensic Investigator Aspen, and will either brief you on some evidence found nearby, or on a flag from our facial recognition system, frass. Now, we were also able to hack into Google's advanced streetview imagery, which you can see by tapping or clicking on the icon in the corner of the map, that has a 'G' and a little detective. The best way to use this is to press play on the audio, then tap or click on the icon to enter Streetview. This way you can get a first hand look at the location in question, while listening to the audio. It will open up on a separate tab, so when you're done, just navigate back here to the main page. Now if you forget what to do, don't worry.. I've included a little cheat sheet to help you out, which you can find in the case notes book below each map. After you've listened to the audio associated with the location and taken excellent detective notes, the final thing to do is Mahoney's New Detective Skill Test. He wants to see how his new recruits stack up, so you’ll have to answer a question at each location to prove you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. After listening to the audio, tap or click on the icon below the audio that looks like a detective's cork board to go to the test. Go ahead and tap or click now to see what it looks like. The questions will all be based on your location, so you’ll have to look and move around Streetview to find the answer. You'll also find another link to streetview here. Don’t worry though.. the test isn't too bad.. It’ll only test your attention to detail.. Instincts.. Decision making.. Observation skills.. Logic.. Problem-solving… critical thinking… inductive reasoning.. Spatial awareness.. Adaptability.. Pattern recognition.. Sense of direction.. Math skills.. Pizza topping preferences… you know.. Standard stuff really. Easy peasy for a detective like you! When you're done with the question, just scroll down and select your next location. Go ahead and tap on number two. I'll show you a couple more things before you get going. The experience has two ways to play: normal mode and hard mode. To play on normal mode, scroll down below each location's map to see Aspen's Intel. Go ahead and try it now. You'll meet her soon, but Aspen will take some notes for you as you go which will make it a little easier to stay organized. If you want to play on hard mode, just don't scroll down.. it's that easy! When you're ready to move on to the next location, just tap on the main map icon, which is in the corner and looks like, well, a little map. This brings you back to the main map where you can choose whichever location you like. When you finish location 10, you'll unlock location 11 and issue your arrest warrant. After finding out if you got it right or not, you'll get your final detective score from commander Mahoney. Well, I think that's all I've got for you! You're now clear to move to location 1, where Commander Mahoney will give you the Case and Character Briefs. Just a reminder, to get to location one, tap or click on the main map icon, then on the icon with the number one on it. Good luck detectives... and remember... don't .. get.. on ... Mahoney's.. bad .. side... unless you like Tutorial duty, of course.
  • Case Briefing (Commander Mahoney)
    Greetings Detectives. I'm Commander Mahoney, Chief of Police. Looks like you got the technical brief from Aspen and figured out how to use the map. Excellent. Now I know you guys just graduated from the Academy, but we need your help. Damn budget cuts have our precinct’s assets tapped thin. There’s been a murder and we need to catch the bastard before they target anyone else. Usually I’d give you a proper in-briefing here at the precinct, but we just don’t have the time. I’ve been sent your records from the Academy and see you folks graduated top of your class. Congratulations. You should be proud, you’re detectives now! No rest for the weary though, it’s time to get to work. I need you to hit the streets and solve this crime. Oh, one more thing. As you go from location to location, you’ll hear audio from Detective Parham’s questioning. I sent him out earlier today to some preliminary questioning and give you a head start. Alright, play the next brief for the lowdown on the scene of the crime.
  • Scene of the Crime (Commander Mahoney)
    Welcome to the scene of the crime detectives. At approximately 2:30 AM this morning officer Pinalo found the body of Mr. Hartley while out on a routine patrol. The body was found on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. He was found wearing blue jeans, a casual dress shirt and black jacket. A cellular phone and wallet were found beside the body, although there were no credit, debit or identification cards inside, nor was there any cash. There was a library card though, which we used to identify the body. I guess the killer didn't want to check out any books. We checked the security camera footage and unfortunately it doesn’t show this exact area. We were able to see Mr Hartley walk towards the area at 12:55 am though. About 15 minutes later, a hooded figure can be seen walking towards the area with an unidentifiable object. Neither were seen after that. Unfortunately it’s a pretty old system and the footage is just too blurry to make out anything else substantial. There were some footprints found leading up to where the body was found though, one of which had a small pool of the victim's blood in it. Our forensics team determined the footprint was from a boot, a men's size 9 or women's size 11. After checking our extensive database, we matched the tread pattern to that of a Timberland Redwood Falls casual boot. Blood splatter analysis suggest the culprit was between 5 foot 7 and 6 feet tall, and most likely right handed. They also found a few small wood fibres in his hair, suggesting the murder weapon was made of wood. The autopsy confirmed his injuries were consistent with blunt force trauma to the head, resulting in a near immediate death. At least he didn’t suffer. Alright detectives, play the last brief for a rundown on the characters.
  • Andrew Hartley (Victim)
    Alright detectives. I’ll give you a quick briefing on our victim. Don’t forget you can refer back to this screen if you want to revisit the information as you go. Our victim was identified as Andrew James Hartley. 34 years old, married to Kelsey Leanne Hartley, no children. Worked at an advertising firm in the graphic design department. No siblings, parents retired and moved to Panama a few years back. Only extended family we could find is an uncle, Robert Jackson Hartley who recently passed and cousin Melissa Jade Hartley. Lot’s on the wife’s side though. We’ve yet to determine any motive. No known criminal affiliations or enemies, seemed to keep a pretty low profile. We’re digging a little deeper, but that’s all we have for now.
  • Phil Tucker
    Alright, so here we have Philbert Tucker, goes by ‘Phil’.. Probably a good decision with that name… 22 year old male, caucasion, 5’8, 130 pounds soaking wet. A caller to the tip line mentioned he was out harassing people in the morning for change near where the body was found. He’s known in our system, repeat offender, junkie type. Always looking for that next fix. We’ve picked him up for mostly small petty stuff, break and enters, pickpocketing, etc. Murder seems a bit out of the ordinary for Phil… but that’s how it goes with this type, the severity of their crimes often escalate with their addiction.
  • Kelsey Hartley
    Kelsey Hartley. Wife of victim, 31, stands 5’7, 135. Born in Hong Kong but moved here when she was 7. The two married about 4 years back, but it wasn’t exactly a… model marriage. Works as an insurance adjuster. Her boss saw her on the news and called the tip line to let us know she was caught having an affair with a co-worker a few months back, said she’d suspected it for a while and thought it might help the case. She also mentioned Mrs Hartley’s work performance hasn’t been great lately.
  • Albion Burrows
    Albion Burrows. 43 years old, 6’0, 180 pounds. Lives in the same building as the victim. Was picked up a few years back on a misdemeanor assault charge after a late night bar fight. Did a few months and was released on parole, no reported incidents since. Bounced from job to job, unskilled manual labour type gigs. No known association with the victim other than living in the same building.
  • Kelsey's Date
    Aspen Alright detectives. This is where our suspect Mrs Hartley met up with the man she was allegedly having an affair with, a Mr Ferris Vega. Well, as you’ll hear he confirmed the affair, so I guess it’s not allegedly anymore. According to him they met up here last night, although apparently she cut it short. Detective Parham managed to track him down and met him here for a statement. Here’s the audio. Detective Parham Mr. Vega? Detective Parham. Thanks for meeting me. Ferris Vega Sure, ya, of course. You can call me Ferris, Mr makes me feel old (embellished laugh) Ya I heard Kels’ husband was killed …terrible.. I’ll just come out and say it, if you think it was me.. It wasn’t! I know we were screwing but.. That’s all it was. She was crazy! If I was going to ‘off’ someone for a chick she’d be.. Well.. different than Kels…as in not crazy.. I mean.. not that I would ever do that.. Just saying.. I’m rambling now.. sorry.. Detective Parham Relax Mr Vega.. er.. Ferris.. you’re not a suspect in Mr Hartley’s death. Not at this point anyways. Our forensic analysis points to someone quite a bit shorter than you. Unless you somehow have size 9 feet of course? Ferris Vega Ha. These puppies are size 14. Who knew they’d one day exonerate me from being a murder suspect! Detective Parham Well, you never know what our investigation could uncover. Planting fake bootprints is pretty common after-all. Ferris Vega ... ... right. Detective Parham So this is where you met up with Mrs Hartley last night? What time was that? Ferris Vega Yeah. We went to the late show, not that I got to see much of it. Got here around 9. Detective Parham Ok.. and how long were you with her for? Ferris Vega Only about 45 minutes. Detective Parham The show was only 45 minutes? Ferris Vega No, but she left early. Detective Parham Why was that? Ferris Vega Honestly I have no idea. She was fucking weird last night. That’s what I get for hooking up with a married woman I guess. I’m done with that though, especially after finding out she may have offed the unlucky bastard. Detective Parham Well we don’t know anything yet. The investigation is still in it’s preliminary stages. We’re just trying to piece together her whereabouts last night. How did you two meet and how long has the affair been going on? Does her husband know? Ferris Vega He doesn’t know shit. I mean I don’t think so anyways. Seems like he doesn’t really care either though if you ask me. We work together. It started at an office party a few months back, typical right? I’m not usually the marriage wrecker type, but she was pretty uhh.. persistent. I think she wanted to hurt him more than she wanted me but.. I didn’t really care about the reason to be honest.. she’s pretty hot, till her crazy kicks in that is. Detective Parham Ok, can you extrapolate on how she was acting weird last night? Ferris Vega Ya I mean she was never super stable to begin with. I don’t know if she’s bipolar or what, but one minute she’d be telling me she loves me and is going to leave her husband, then the next she’s losing her shit… telling me she can’t see me anymore. If she wasn’t so good in bed I would have ended it a long time ago haha. Last night was different though. She couldn’t sit still… kept looking around like someone was looking for her. About half an hour into the show she just gets up and leaves. Doesn’t say anything to me either. I figured she was just going to the bathroom, but after 15 mins I got worried and went to look for her. Found her on her laptop huddled near the entrance, looked like she was just staring at a blinking dot on a map. Super weird. Detective Parham Did you ask her what she was doing? Ferris Vega Of course. I mean who just get’s up in the middle of a show they paid for, well ‘I’ paid for technically, to stare at a map? When I asked her what she was doing, she just goes off on me! Like I’m the fucking crazy one! Can you believe that shit! Says I’m smothering her and she needs space… ha… she wants space? She’s got it! Unless she actually did kill him.... then she might have a tough time finding space in jail (chuckles) .. crazy bitch (mutters to himself).. Detective Parham Ok. And what happened after that? Is that when she left? Ferris Vega Pretty much. I mean we got into a fight first. I kind of lost it on her a bit, I mean I go out of my way to get here and she leaves after half an hour to do who knows what the fuck in the lobby? Although I only got a few words in before she REALLY lost it. I guess she didn’t like the part when I told her she should call her shrink haha. Not that it has ever helped her. Waste of money if you ask me. Anyways.. so after making a huge scene and calling me every bad word in the book she says she has to go take care of something. Mumbles something about getting so much money she could just buy her fun from now on or some shit. She grabbed her bag and stormed out like I was the bad guy. Fuckin’ nutcase. Detective Parham Can you describe what type of bag she had with her? Ferris Vega Oh for sure, ha I almost forgot. The psycho brought her baseball bag! They wouldn’t let her in with it so she had to leave it in the security office. She plays in a slow pitch league. It’s black with neon green stripes. Says Rawlings on the side I think. No idea why she brought it, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even have a game last night. Who brings a baseball bag to a show? Who knows.. Just another drop in the crazy bucket with her though. Detective Parham Did you see if there was actually a bat in the bag? Ferris Vega I didn’t see inside, but it looked like it. They usually are, three of them to be exact. She even threatened to hit me with one when she was yelling at me. I wouldn’t put it past her either. Detective Parham So you’ve seen her bats before? Ferris Vega Yeah, I’ve seen em. Why? Detective Parham Was it a metal, or wood? Ferris Vega You must not play baseball. No one uses wood bats for slow pitch anymore. Her bats are metal.. Or aluminum.. Or whatever.. Not wood… although she does have an old one at her house. Signed by an old player or something. Detective Parham Alright, thanks. That’s helpful. One more question, Mr Vega. Did you see Kesley, or talk to her again last night after she left? Ferris Vega No sir. After the show I called her a few times, even went to try and find her. I was pretty curious what she was up to, and, well, sometimes the make up is better than the break up if you know what I mean… especially with her. I recognized the general area around where that blinking dot was on the map she was staring at, so I took a cab there and walked around for a bit to see if I could find her. No dice though, so I went home and crashed. Woke up to her mug on the news as a murder suspect. Detective Parham Ok, well thank you for your time Mr Vega, let me know if you think of anything else that might help. Ferris Vega No worries. Good luck with the investigation. Oh and detective, don’t forget, in the words of Shaggy, “It wasn’t me”. (laughs at himself). I’m kidding. Sorry. I mean I’m not kidding, it really wasn’t me, but I’m kidding about saying it like that.. Like Shaggy.. You know from the song in the 90s.. Ah.. I’ll go now. Detective Parham Good idea Ferris.
  • Albion at the Bank
    Aspen I marked this bank as one of the tellers notified us of some suspicious activity. It’s standard protocol whenever someone does something unusual, tries to withdraw a large some of money, or asks odd questions. In this case, it was all three. We sent Parham over to look into it as the individual’s description matched our suspect Albion Burrows. Here’s the audio. Detective Parham Hi there… Mr.. Sadae? Am I pronouncing that correctly? Sakuma Sadae Close enough but.. You can just call me Sakuma, or Saku for short. Detective Parham Ok.. Saku. So you called us yesterday to report a suspicious customer, correct? Sakuma Sadae That’s right. Detective Parham Ok, do you mind going over what happened, why it was suspicious? Sakuma Sadae Sure. So it was about quarter to nine, we were just getting ready to close, when this guy dressed in all black comes up to the counter. He says he lost his debit card, but wants to withdraw money from his account. This in itself isn’t unusual, people lose their cards all the time. Our standard procedure is to ask for two forms of identification, along with answering some security questions so we can confirm they are actually who they say they are. Detective Parham Right. Sakuma Sadae So when I ask for ID he says he didn’t just lose his bank card, but lost his whole wallet. So he has no identification or money, but keeps going on about how he really needs the money. After I told him there wasn’t anything I could do, he keeps saying that he keeps a picture of the card just in case, and knows the pin. When he showed it to me, I could see the timestamp, it was just taken that day a few hours earlier. That was the first red flag. I mean, he takes a picture of his card, then just happens to lose his wallet an hour later? It sounded pretty suspicious, so when he wasn't looking I quickly opened my voice notes app on my phone and tapped record. You can’t see anything, but you can hear the audio. Here, I’ll play it for you. Detective Parham Alright. Sakuma Sadeo I’m sorry sir, but as I said, there’s nothing I can do for you if you don’t have the physical card or other forms of ID. Albion So what kind of ID do I need? Sakuma Sadae Two forms of government issued ID. Albion Ok but can’t I just get a replacement card? It’s clearly me. Or wait, can’t I just log into internet banking? I have the pin number and code right? Sakuma Sadae Do you remember your password? Albion Shit. No. Uhh ya no I totally forget. It’s been awhile since I set it. Wait but there’s those security questions right? They are pretty old too, could I see them, you know just to jog my memory? Sakuma Sadae I’m sorry sir but I can’t do that either. You’ll have to find some ID, the bank card. Sakuma Sadae So this is when I pulled up his account. When this amount of suspicious activity happens we’re trained to ask questions, so we can provide the authorities with as much information as possible. So I made it look like I was working on it and asked to see the picture again. Detective Parham Do you remember who the account was registered to? Sakuma Sadae Yeah I wrote it down. One sec (shuffles papers).. Hartley. Andrew Hartley. Ya so this guy was getting pretty pushy at this point… here I’ll finish the audio.. Sakuma Sadae I’m sorry… Mr. Hartley.. But there’s nothing I can do. Albion Come on man, it’s me! I promise you. I really need to get some cash out. Can’t you help me out just this one time? I’ll tell you what, let me make a withdrawal, then first thing tomorrow morning I’ll go get my ID sorted out and come back and show you. Sakuma Sadae I’m really sorry Sir, but I can’t do that. Not only would I lose my job, but I could get charged. Albion I won’t tell anyone. Tell you what (lowers voice).. You’ve seen how much money is in there right? If you do this for me, I’ll give you 10%. That’s 4.5 million man. You can be on a beach in the middle of nowhere by tomorrow. Come on man, what do you say? Sakuma Sadae Security. Security? Hi, yes can you please escort this man out of the building? Thanks. Sakuma Sadae So after security got him out, I called the police and reported it to my manager. Detective Parham Well you did the right thing. That’s some helpful information. Was there anything else you can think of? Sakuma Sadae No, I don’t think so sir. Detective Parham Alright then, thanks. If you think of anything else, please don’t hesitate to call. Here’s my card. Sakuma Sadae Will do.
  • Phil's Arrest
    Aspen I marked this location as we arrested Phil Tucker earlier last night from this store, although we released him a few hours later due to lack of evidence. We sent Detective Parham here to talk with the employee who called us, a Ms Madeline McKinney. I’ll roll the audio. Detective Parham Thanks for your help Ms McKinney, this won’t take long. Madeline McKinney Sure, of course. Anything I can do to help. Detective Parham Why don’t you start out by just telling us when and why you called us in the first place? Madeline McKinney Ok sure. Well, I guess it was about 7pm. I just finished helping a customer when I like, saw this sketchy creepy guy looking all around, like he just looked like he wanted to steal something. He was definitely drunk or on drugs or something. So I just like, kept my eyes on him and followed him to see if he’d try it.. Sure enough a few minutes later he grabbed a roll of duct tape and like, tried to stick it in his pants. If I wasn’t so scared that he’d like, murder me or something I would have started laughing because you could like, see it sticking out of his t-shirt. It was so obvious. I figured he’d like, have to be super high to be dumb enough to try and steal something like that. Detective Parham And that’s when you called the police? Madeline McKinney Yeah, I didn’t want to get in trouble for that. Detective Parham Well you definitely did the right thing. Did you see anything else out of the ordinary between then and when the officer showed up? Detective Parham I mean the whole thing was like, out of the ordinary. Detective Parham Ha, ya, right..of course. Sometimes I forget that not everyone sees this shit everyday like me. Anyways. So what did he do between the time you called and when the officer showed up? It looks like it was about —shuffles papers— 10 minutes after you called? Madeline McKinney He was just like, looking at other stuff. I’m not sure if he was looking to steal something else or just not wanting to like, seem so obvious to leave right away. Detective Parham Ok, and what kind of stuff was he looking at? Madeline McKinney Other kind of like, sketchy stuff. Rope, hatchets, gloves, that kind of stuff. Oh and boots. Right before the officer showed up he tried on some pretty heavy duty boots. His socks were soooo gross, I feel bad for whoever like, buys those boots. That’s when the officer showed up and arrested him. Detective Parham Ok. So (shuffles papers) our records show he was released later that night as the officer didn’t find any stoel items on him. Did you see him drop anything anywhere? Madeline McKinney No I didn’t. Detective Parham Did you find anything after? Madeline McKinney No I didn’t see anything. I’ll probably find the tape buried in a bin of socks or something eventually. I’m sure not touching it after seeing where it was! I already had Covid I don’t need whatever gross diseases he has too. Oh wait, I did notice that the back door was open though, and I’m sure it wasn’t open before. I’ve gotten in trouble for leaving it open before, so I’m pretty anal with making sure they are closed. When they left I felt a draft and noticed the open door. Maybe he saw the officer coming and panicked, threw it out the door. I don’t know, I didn’t think to check outside at the time. Detective Parham Ok, thanks Ms McKinney. That helps us a lot. Here’s my card. (pause, sound effect) Give me a call or a text if you think of anything else that might be helpful. Commander Mahoney Alright detectives, officer Candelario picked up Mr Tucker last night at, let’s see… 7:00 pm. He was at the station with us for about 2 hours, but due to insufficient evidence we had to let him go. You can’t throw someone in jail for WANTING to steal after all.
  • Andrew's Tail
    Aspen Ok detectives, we ran all of our suspects, as well as our victim’s bank and credit cards through the system to try and piece their timelines together. To our surprise, we not only found a hit at this hotel for Mr Hartley, but for Mr Burrows as well. Detective Parham went over to look into it, he spoke with the bartender, a Mr Nathaniel Knight, who served both of them. Here’s the audio. Detective Parham Excuse me.. Nathaniel. Detective Parham. I’m investigating a murder and have information that you may have been in contact with the victim. Do you have a few minutes to chat? Nathaniel Knight Uhhh sure but, how’d you know my name? (sounding nervous) Detective Parham Your nametag. Nathaniel Knight Ah. Right. Obviously. Sorry.. I’m a bit nervous. I was in contact with a murder suspect? When? Who? Detective Parham It’s all right. Understandable. Our records show our victim made a bank card transaction here at around 8pm last night. Name’s Andrew Hartley. White male, 6’1, possibly wearing jeans, a dress shirt and black jacket. Did you see anyone like that? Nathaniel Knight Oh yeah. I remember him well. He sat right here at the bar.Said he wanted to get a room but they were sold out, so he sat here for an hour, hour and a half and drank. A lot. Expensive shit too! Kept asking for the top top shelf scotch. For a while there I thought he was intent on trying them all. $50 Macallan, $40 Oban, $60 Lagavulin. I’d have to check but he must have had 7 or 8. Detective Parham Did he mention anything about why he was drinking so much? Nathaniel Knight Oh yeah. I heard all about it. Lucky guy’s long lost uncle died and left him a fortu… wait… wait. You said there was a murder. Did that guy die? Detective Parham Unfortunately yes. Not so lucky after all. Nathaniel Knight Holy shit. He seemed so happy. I mean I would be too if I just got 40 something million. He even showed me the cheque…. Damn….. What happened? Do you know who did it? Detective Parham I can’t go into specifics. We’re investigating a few suspects. Did he mention anything about having an enemy, or someone who might want to harm him? Nathaniel Knight I wouldn’t call it an enemy, but he did complain about his wife a lot. I mean A LOT. Sounds like she was banging some other dude, making his life a living hell. He seemed pretty intent on taking off with the money and leaving her. He mentioned a few times that she didn’t know about the money and that he just wished he could see her face when she realizes he’s gone and a multi-millionaire. Pretty toxic situation by the sounds of it. Detective Parham Ok. Our records also show one of the suspects made a transaction here last night as well. Do you recall if Mr Hartley was with anyone? Nathaniel Knight No, he was alone. Detective Parham Do you recall any of your other guests acting suspicious or out of the ordinary? Nathaniel Knight Now that you mention it, yes. There was this guy, Albion I think it was.. I remember his name from his credit card as it was pretty unusual. He seemed normal at first. He got here, well, I guess about the same time as Mr Hartley, around 6:30. Came in just after him. Sat down the bar a few stools away.. Didn’t say much, had a couple drinks. The weird part was when Mr Hartley paid his bill. As soon as he pulled out his debit card the guy downed his drink in one go and hopped up, walked over and stood right beside him. Told me he also wanted to pay his bill. Now we had a pretty full bar, so it’s not too uncommon for a customer to come up to the bar to order a drink or pay, but he had a seat like 5 feet away. All he had to do was ask and I would have brought it to him. Detective Parham That is unusual, but maybe he just wanted to pay and get out of there quickly? Nathaniel Knight Maybe, but I haven’t gotten to the weirdest part yet. After I put Mr Hartley’s card back on the bar, I asked this Albion guy how I could help him, but he didn’t answer. So I ask him again.. ‘How can I help you’.. No answer. He wasn’t looking at me either, he was staring at his phone.. This also, is not unusual, but the way he held his phone was. It’s like he wanted people to think he was taking a selfie, but his phone was pointed right at the debit card and I could just tell he was trying to take a picture of it… Oh shit… do you think… do you think this guy offed him to steal his money? Detective Parham I’m sorry, but I can’t comment on that. Did either of them mention where they were going? Nathaniel Knight The weird guy didn’t say anything, but Hartley did. I mentioned he might want to go put that bad boy in the bank, I’d be nervous as hell walking around with 40 mil in my wallet. He said good point and asked if I knew when the bank closed. I said probably soon as it was after 8 already. Then I asked what he was going to do to celebrate after and said he wasn’t sure, that he would probably go for a walk to clear his mind. Detective Parham Did Albion hear any of this? Nathaniel Knight Oh for sure. All of it. He was right beside him the whole time. Detective Parham Thanks, that’s very helpful. One more thing, would you be able to describe what Albion was wearing? Did he have anything with him? Nathaniel Knight Uhh ya he was wearing dark blue or black pants. A black long sleeved shirt and black hooded coat. Had the Timberland Redwood’s on too, I recognized them as I bought myself a pair last year. It’s always kind of funny seeing someone with the exact same shoes or clothes as you. He also had one of those long cases, like a pool cue case or some sort of instrument. Had it leaned up against the bar. Detective Parham Alright. Thank you for your time. Here’s my card, please let me know if you think of anything else.
  • Kelsey's Therapy Session
    Apsen Ok detectives, this building is where registered psychologist Dr. Miranda Reece works out of. We ran Mrs Hartley’s cell number through our system and found over 9 calls last night alone to Dr. Reece. It’s an unlisted number, but we were able to cross-reference it with our database of medical professionals in the city. The last call was placed around midnight. None of them were answered, but we sent Detective Parham over to have a chat with Dr Reece. Turns out Mr Vega was right, she is in fact Mrs Hartley’s psychologist. Standby for the audio. Dr. Reece Dr.Reece speaking. Detective Parham Hi there, this is Detective Parham, homicide detective. I have a couple questions regarding a murder suspect I was hoping I could get your assistance with. Do you have a few minutes? Dr. Reece Sure.. but.. is it a patient of mine? I’ll answer what I can, but I’m bound by Doctor - Patient confidentiality, so I may not be as much help as you’d like I’m afraid. Detective Parham Well, I’m actually looking for some more factual information.. outside of the office.. I believe she’s one of your patients.. did you notice any uhh, missed calls last night? Dr. Reece Ah, you must be referring to Kelsey. I generally try not to give my mobile number out to patients but… well she seemed pretty unstable and I was a bit worried. I’m afraid I can’t go into much detail with regards to my diagnosis but.. well let’s just say I’m glad you called. I almost called YOU last night.. Detective Parham What do you mean? Dr. Reece Well, as you mentioned she kept calling me. Must have been a dozen times. I didn’t answer any as, well.. without going into too much detail on my professional diagnosis, despite the apparent urgency, I wasn’t all that concerned with her physical safety. Kelsey’s been a patient of mine for awhile now and over the course of our sessions I’ve realized she’s more of the ummm… how shall I say this.. attention seeking type. I felt that she did not pose a threat to herself, so I elected to not answer. Detective Parham Ok, so you don’t think she’s a danger to herself, but what about a danger to someone else? Dr. Reece I’m sorry officer, but I’m afraid I can’t answer that. I bound by law to not disclose anything from our sessions that could be incriminating. I hope you understand. Detective Parham I understand Dr Reece, anything you can provide would be helpful. You mentioned you almost called US last night. Can you elaborate? Dr. Reece Oh yes. Well you found me, so you can obviously trace phone numbers, but are you able to see where a call was placed? Detective Parham Unfortunately not, only if the call is ongoing. We can’t trace it after the fact. Why do you ask? Dr. Reece Ah ok, well it’s no matter, I have it on my security footage anyways. So those calls last night, she was calling me from outside my house! Detective Parham She was at your house? Dr. Reece She sure was. I live in the suburbs 45 minutes away too.. so it took some effort for her to get here. At first I couldn’t figure out how she found me. I mean I gave her my cell number but definitely NOT my address! Then I remembered that just yesterday I found what looked to me like one of the GPS tags, you know the kind you can use to track your keys and such, in my jacket pocket. Maybe that’s how she found me, could have slipped it in there during our last session I guess. Detective Parham We do have some information that she may have been using some form of a location tracker, so I’d advise you to throw it out and check the rest of your pockets. Alright, so you noticed her outside your house… as she was calling you? Dr. Reece That’s right. After the 6th or 7th call I got a little paranoid.. I mean a couple calls, sure.. but that many? It’s definitely not normal behaviour, even for her. So I went around the house, making sure the windows were closed and doors locked.. and that’s when I noticed a figure at the end of the driveway on the phone. I immediately recognized her. She was agitated, angry. It was an odd sight as she looked like she was dressed to go out on the town.. short dress, necklace, high heels, all while holding some sort of large sports bag. I let her call a few more times then got pretty fed up, that’s when I almost called you.. but like I said I didn’t really see her as a threat… so decided it might be better for her if I didn’t involve the authorities and just spoke with her… you know, calm her down, let her know what she was doing was not appropriate.. Detective Parham And how did that go? Did you find out what the issue was? Dr. Reece I’m afraid I can’t go into details on that, but what I can say is her and her husband were having domestic issues. She’s never went this far before, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen anger like this directed towards him. As for how it went, well.. I got it on my security system.. Here, let me play it for you. Dr. Reece Kelsey? Kelsey is that you? What on earth are you doing out here? And why are you calling me so much? Kelsey I just.. I need to talk Dr Reece. I feel like I’m on a ledge and about to fall off. I’m afraid I’ll do something stupid. Something really, really stupid. Dr. Reece Kelsey you know this is wildly inappropriate. You need to respect my privacy. How did you even find me? You know what.. It doesn’t matter. You need to leave Kelsey. You can call the office in the morning if you’d like an appointment. You need to respect our professional relationship. Kelsey But I need you Dr. Reece. Why can’t you just help me? I’ve paid you enough fucking money over the last few years, it’s the least you could do. Dr. Reece I’m sorry Kelsey, but it’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m half asleep. I can’t help you, and I suggest you go home and get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning, and if you don’t, just call the office. Kelsey It’s that useless piece of shit of a husband Andrew. I’m literally fucking someone else and HE HASN’T EVEN NOTICED.. If he did he doesn’t give a shit. What kind of man is that? And now he’s going to be rich and I’ll be left with nothing. I can’t let that happen, I just can’t. Dr. Reece You need to leave NOW Kelsey. Kelsey You know what, fuck Andrew and fuck you too! Detective Parham Jeeze. What did she hit? Dr. Reece Just my mailbox. Didn’t do much damage thankfully. I was worried there for a second though. She stormed off almost immediately after that. It’s common with patients like her, brief moments of anger or rage followed by regret, embarrassment. Detective Parham But she didn’t actually swing at YOU with it? Dr. Reece No. She raised it above her head.. for a second I thought she was going to run at me with it. But she just hit the mailbox and ran off. Detective Parham Hmm, interesting. So just to confirm, you realized she was at your house at what, 12:30? And the interaction only lasted a minute or two? Dr. Reece That's right, she was for sure gone by 12:35 as I noticed the time when I got in. Detective Parham Ok Dr Reece, you’ve been very helpful. Thanks for your time. If you can think of anything else, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Dr. Reece Of course. Take care.
  • Kelsey's Dinner
    Aspen Alright Detectives, I marked this spot as we had a call from a waitress named Mel who works at this restaurant. Claimed she served Mrs Hartley. We sent Detective Parham over to interview her. I’ll roll the audio. Detective Parham Thanks for your time Ms….. Mel Mel. You can just call me Mel. Detective Parham Ok Mel, this shouldn’t take long. Mel Of course, anything I can do to help catch this murdering sicko. Detective Parham Can we go inside? It’s a bit chilly and I’d like to talk to any of the other employees who may have seen Mrs Hartley. Mel No. I mean, if it’s ok officer, can we stay out here? It’s just.. well, my manager wanted me to come in a couple hours before my shift, but I couldn’t. It might look a little weird if I show up inside.. especially with a cop. I really need this job and don’t want him thinking I’m a trouble maker or anything. Detective Parham Alright. I understand ma’am. Why don’t you start by describing what you do here and why you called us. Mel Sure thing. I’m a server here. I usually work the late shift so I can be home with my son during the day. I’m a single mom and he’s 2. His dad left last year… typical lying prick. Now I have to work as a server, practically begging for tips just to put food on the table. Not for long though, I’ll be quitting soon. My son and I deserve better. Detective Parham I’m sorry to hear that ma’am. My records show you called us last night at 8pm. Can you briefly explain why you called? Mel Ya so I was serving the wife of that guy that got killed in the park this morning. I recognized her from the news as a person of interest in the case. We always have it on and I saw it at the beginning of my shift last night. Detective Parham Ok. What time did she come in? Mel Seven-ish. Detective Parham And you're sure it was the same person you saw on the news? Mel Oh ya. For sure. I’d recognize that evil grin anywhere. She did it, by the way. I just know it. She was not fun to serve. Very unfriendly, rude. Just sat on her iPad the whole time. Barely even gave me the time of day, except to order more drinks. She must have had 5 or 6 in the hour she was here too. Whiskey I think it was. I felt sorry for her at first, seemed like she had been through some rough times and.. well… I can relate. It didn’t take me long to realize she was a grade A bitch though. Detective Parham So you called us because she was.. rude? Mel No.. no.. sorry. I called because I walked past her a couple times and noticed she kept quickly closing her laptop, like she was trying to hide something. She must not be too bright though as I could see everything in the reflection from the window. It was a little tough to make out but I could see her Googling something. I moved a bit closer and saw what it was. She was trying to find out how long it takes to collect money from life insurance! If that’s not the sign of someone who just killed her husband, I don’t know what is!? Detective Parham She had an iPad or a laptop? Mel What? Detective Parham Did she have an iPad or a laptop? You first said iPad, then later a laptop. It might not seem important but small details like that can be very important. Mel Of course. Sorry. Uhhh .. it was a laptop.. sorry.. I’m not very technical. Detective Parham Ok. No problem. Did you see anything else she was Googling? Mel No, but I could also make out a map that she kept bringing up. It kind of looked like the find my iPhone thing or some sort of tracker. Not a usual map from Google or anything. It had one of those blinking blue dots in the middle. I started thinking about the location of the dot and where the news said they found the body. It was super close! That’s when I knew it was her. She obviously tracked him there and went and killed him. Probably why she was drinking so much.. getting some liquid courage. Detective Parham Did she have anything else with her? Any large objects or anything? Mel Other than the iPad? Uhhh ya… ya she had a large sports bag.. like for baseball bats or hockey equipment or something. Something like that anyways.. Probably where she kept whatever she used to smash him over the head with. I’m telling you.. it was her.. I hope you arrest that murdering bitch. And all for money too… what a shame. Detective Parham Well, we’re still pretty early on in the investigation. One last thing. I just want to confirm the timeline with you. So you started your shift at 6pm and saw her picture on the news around the same time. She came in at 7, and you called us at 8pm? Mel Yep that’s right. I’m sorry officer but, is there anything else? I really have to get going and I’m worried my boss will see me. I have to pick my son up from daycare, then meet my mom for dinner tonight. I’m really sorry. Detective Parham Ok, no problem. I think I have everything I need anyways. Thanks for your time.
  • Albion's Lucky Day
    Aspen Alright Detectives, this is the apartment building our victim, Mr Hartley, lived in. We received a call on the tip line from one of his neighbours. Apparently she witnessed an odd interaction between Mr Hartley and another individual living in the building. I’ll roll the tape. Anonymous Caller Hello? Hello? Oh.. I guess I just start talking. Ok. Well, where do I start? Well I had just turned the 6 o’clock news on when I heard some voices down the hall by the entrance. My apartment is on the main floor next to the entrance. I have a walker so I needed to be on the main floor. The walls are super thin so I can hear almost everything that happens by the entrance. It’s usually pretty quiet, people just come and go minding their own business, but last night I overheard a conversation that made the hair on the back of my neck stand-up. Now I’ve been around a long time, I’m not one to scare easily, but I don’t know, something just didn’t seem right. Then when I heard the news about poor Mr Hartley this morning, well I just had to call in. Just a terrible tragedy. I’m pretty good at recognizing the voices I hear from the building, so when I first heard the conversation I knew it was Mr Hartley and Mr Burrows. I know Mr Hartley and his wife are on the second floor as I’ve spoken with them a number of times. Such a nice young man, even helped me fix my table once when it broke. The other fellow I’m pretty sure was Mr Burrows. He’s new to the building so I’m not sure what apartment he’s in, but I’ve seen him around before. The whole thing started with a scream! It sounded like Mr Hartley had won the lottery or something. I peaked out the door and he was jumping up and down, like he just cracked the game winning homer like Babe Ruth. He was screaming ‘I’m rich! I’m rich’ and carrying on. Just as I was about to go out and ask what it was all about I heard another voice, Mr Burrows, ask what he was talking about. Mr Hartley then told him he had a super rich uncle who passed away and left him everything. Burrows asked how much and he said, enough to leave the cheating bitch and move to an island for the rest of my life… or something like that. I was pretty shocked to tell the truth. He was always so nice to me, it was odd to hear such anger in his voice. I try not to meddle in the affairs of others though. If his wife was indeed doing what he claimed, well, in this life you get what’s coming to you, if you know what I mean. I’m a firm believer in that. The weirdest part about the whole thing though was that Mr Burrows just kept asking more questions. Detailed questions people usually wouldn’t ask. How much was it exactly? When did he die? Do you get it in cash, cheque, wire transfer? When do you get it? Do you get it all at once or is it split up? I think Mr Hartley was just too over the moon to suspect anything weird. He even answered a few of them. I can’t remember all the details but I remember him saying “I got it all right here in this cheque” and that he’s never seen so many zeros. It sounded like he ran up the stairs to his apartment, probably flew up them considering how excited he was. I heard him say.. And, well, you’ll have to excuse my manners, but, “45 million fucking dollars… eat shit Kelsey”.. As he ran down the hall. About 15 minutes later I saw Mr Hartley leave the building. I usually sit by the window after dinner doing my crossword so I see most people come and go. The oddest part about the whole thing was that as Mr Hartley left the building I saw Mr Burrows come out from around the corner, almost as if he was waiting there for someone. I saw him follow Mr Hartley allll the way up the road. Now I’m no policeman but I’ve watched enough programs to know something suspicious when I see it. There’s something off about that Burrows fellow. Anyways, I hope this helps and you catch the son of a you know what. Thank you for your time.
  • Phil's Night Out
    Aspen The precinct received a call at about 1230 this morning from an Ismail Basha, works as the manager here. He mentioned someone with a squeegee harassing customers late last night, but unfortunately they were slammed and couldn’t get an officer over there for a few hours. By the time someone got there the place was closed. It sounded a lot like Mr Tucker, so Detective Parham went over to investigate. Basha wasn’t there, but he got his number from an employee. Here’s the audio. Ismail Basha (Manager) Hello. Detective Parham Mr Basha? Ismail Basha (Manager) Yes? Detective Parham Detective Parham, homicide detective for the PD. Do you have a few minutes to discuss the incident from last night? Ismail Basha (Manager) YAWNS.. ya.. just give me a sec.. . yawn again.. ok.. I’m here. Sorry, crazy night. Detective Parham Well I appreciate it, I’ll try to keep this brief. So you gave us a call last night a round 1230 am, can you explain why? Ismail Basha (Manager) Sure. Well there’s usually a few officers patrolling the streets, popping in and out of the late night joints, you know, just to make sure everyone is behaving. Lots of fights, kids throwing up, doing drugs.. making my life a living hell so I appreciate them stopping by. For whatever reason last night there wasn’t any officers and we had an incident, so I had to call. Detective Parham Yeah, we’ve been pretty short lately. We’ve got some new hires coming in so hopefully that’ll help. So what was the exact reason for the call? Ismail Basha (Manager) Oh right, yes, sorry. Sometimes the sketchy drug heads wander in too. They usually hang out by the park, but sometimes they come in. Last night this guy just wouldn’t leave. Clearly needed a fix or something. Kept harassing the customers, begging them for change. We had a table of drunk college kids who didn’t help the situation either, kept egging him on and making fun of him. Detective Parham Can you be a bit more specific? Ismail Basha (Manager) I was pretty busy but I saw it get pretty heated a couple times. He was just going from table to table asking for cash. Of course I asked him to leave, but he would just act like he wasn’t hearing me. At one table this guy said sure and made a big scene of going through his wallet, acting Iike he was going to give him some bills or something. Then he handed him a single nickel from his pocket and told him to get a job. The drughead just lost it then, got right in his face and just went off, yelling loud and acting crazy… spitting all over him. I couldn’t make out anything he was saying really, just a bunch of gibberish. Detective Parham And this is why you called us? Ismail Basha (Manager) Well it was one of the reasons. Nothing happened between those two, but he just kept going from person to person and really started pissing people off. I was hoping it would just fizzle out and he’d leave after making his rounds, but after getting a couple complaints, I figured I’d just let the cops deal with it and called in. Detective Parham So what happened after? Ismail Basha (Manager) (subtle laugh) It got pretty crazy there for awhile. The guy just kept losing it. He’d get all riled up, then settle down. Rinse and repeat. He’d scream that if he didn’t get money soon he was going to beat it out of them, then act all nice like he was their best friend. He had a squeegee with him and even cocked it back a couple times, threatening to hit people with it. Most of the customers just laughed at him, but that seemed to only make it worse. It went on for a good half hour until finally a couple of the bigger customers had enough. They tackled him to the ground, got the squeegee out of his hand and dragged him out. His t-shirt ripped off in the struggle too. Detective Parham So what happened to the squeegee? Ismail Basha (Manager) Oh right, ya. After he got dragged out he realized he lost it in the scuffle. Started banging on the windows screaming to give him back his squeegee. One of the customers opened the door and threw it to him, finally getting him to leave. Detective Parham Can you describe the squeegee in a bit more detail? Ismail Basha (Manager) It was a normal looking squeegee that you would use to wash a car or something. Although he had a wooden handle attached, probably to help him reach trucks and taller vehicles. I was definitely a bit worried when he was threatening people with it, could do some damage for sure. Detective Parham Ok, thanks for your time Ismail. If you think of anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • Phil's Squeegee Service
    Aspen Alright, I marked this intersection on your map as an anonymous caller left a message that someone matching Mr Tucker’s description became quite agitated after trying to squeegee his car. I’ll roll the audio. Anonymous Caller Ya so, I don’t know if this will help or not, but I saw some guy acting real weird last night. My wife and I were driving home after dinner and stopped at a light, it was probably around 11 or 1130. We were just stopped at the light when this guy comes running up to the car with a squeegee in his hand and just started washing the front windshield. I waved him off a couple times as I didn’t have any change, but he just kept going. Not that I would have given him any anyways, he’d just spend it on drugs. They gotta do something about the drug and homeless issue here… damn eyesore ruining the city. Anyways, so when he was done, he came up to the window and started knocking. I rolled it down and said I didn’t have any change, and he just lost it. You know what, my wife actually recorded it, you know just in case there were any issues. I’ll just play it for you.. Phil Hey man I just washed your windows, aren’t you gonna pay me? Anonymous Caller Sorry dude I’m all out. Phil Oh come on that’s bullshit man.. Rich guy like you in your brand new SUV, you gotta have something. Anonymous Caller I told you, I don’t. I didn’t ask you to clean the windows. Phil You’re so full of shit man! Fuck you and you’re prissy ass wife. You rich assholes are so spoiled, taking advantage of the lower class like this. I guess that’s how you get rich isn’t it, relying on the working class to do your dirty work. Anonymous Caller Ha you think you’re the working class? You’re nothing but a leech on society. Fuck off… and don’t talk about my wife like that asshole. Phil Fuck this.. I’m going to murder the next rich prick I see and take the money for myself. You’ll see. You’ll ALL fucking see. Anonymous Caller Needless to say we got out of there pretty quick.. Funny enough the guy took off then too, almost got hit by a damn car. As we drove off I saw him sprinting through traffic in the rear view mirror, wielding that squeegee like a damn sword. Crazy bastard. I don’t know if this is the guy you’re looking for, but he sure was agitated. I don’t know if he just had a bad day or what, but my wife and I were pretty rattled by the whole thing. Hope that helps, thanks. -- -
  • Forensic Tag 2A (Baseball Bat)
    An anonymous caller with the initials MH on the caller ID called us this morning at 2 am saying she just saw Kelsey Hartley board a bus, but leave a baseball bat behind… you know what, this will be easier if I just play you the audio from the call. Standby. “Hi there. I just saw that lady from the news, the suspect in the murder investigation, I think her name was Kelsey or something. I saw her get on a bus, she looked real nervous too. Like she couldn’t get out of there soon enough. I saw her drop a baseball bat just beside the bus stop too right before she got on.” The brand is Rawlings, date of manufacture unknown, but looks to be very old. It also looks to be signed by an old player, but I can’t make out the signature. The knob of the bat has a certificate of authenticity attached to the bottom, which I assume means it’s signed by someone important and probably worth something. The certificate shows it’s registered to Kelsey Hartley. Lab results showed a match with Kelsey’s DNA.
  • Forensic Tag 5A (Coffee Cup)
    Case number 4-Charlie-843, forensic tag 5 alpha. Grande Starbuck's coffee cup with a small amount of blood splatter found on the ground this morning after our forensics team did a sweep of the general area. The blood was determined it to be that of our victim, Mr. Hartley. Spray pattern suggests the cup was within 3 feet of victim at time of murder and is consistent with blunt force trauma to the head. Cup has the name Jade written on the side. There was another type of DNA found on the cup too, other than Mr Hartley's of course. The interesting part is that it returned a 20% DNA match to Mr.Hartley, which is consistent with someone related.
  • Forensic Tag 1A (Boots)
    Case number: 4C843. Forensic tag: 1A Men's black boots found at this location on the ground outside the door. A couple hours after meeting with Detective Parham, Madeline called him and mentioned she found Phil's disgusting boots in the lost and found. She asked around and apparently they were found last night around 10pm by the store's cleaner outside the back door. The boot model is a mens Timberland Redwood, size 9. Tread pattern matches those found at the murder scene. Two traces of DNA found match both Phil Tucker and Madeline McKinney. She also mentioned after doing a quick inventory check they found a pair of mens Kodiak boots missing.
  • Forensic Tag 3A (Pool Cue)
    Case number 4-Charlie-843, forensic tag 3 alpha. The night manager at this establishment called the station at 2:15 AM this morning and said a suspicious looking individual matching Albion Burrow’s description left a large case out front. He said it looked like he just dropped it as he was walking by. The manager was worried it might be a bomb or something so called it in. We didn’t want to take any chances and sent the bomb squad over. After clearing the object, they dropped it off here for processing. The large black case contains a partially damaged pool cue. The brand is McDermott. I looked into it and it’s a very high end pool cue used by professionals. The lab results show the handle was smashed against something hard repeatedly. We were able to pull traces of brick, dirt and cement off the cue, but no DNA or prints on the cue or the case. If this was in fact Albion, he must have been wearing gloves.
  • Forensic Tag 6A (ID Badge)
    Case number 4-Charlie-843, forensic tag 6 alpha. Employee ID badge with the name 'Ferris' and matching picture found here this morning by our crime scene investigation team during a routine sweep of the general area. DNA matches that of Ferris Vega.
  • FRASS Flag 4192 (Albion)
    FRASS flag number 4192. Name: Albion Burrows Albion Burrows was flagged here at 8:30pm. He appears to be wearing black pants, a hooded sweatshirt and Timberland boots, although I can’t make out the model. The footage shows him standing outside the bank's window. It looks like he’s taking a picture or video with his phone. Our system also produced a match here with our victim, Mr Hartley. It appears he was the subject of Mr Burrow’s attention. Hartley can be seen inside using the bank machine when Mr Burrows was outside taking the video.
  • FRASS Flag 4292 (Albion)
    FRASS flag: #4292. Name: Albion Burrows Albion Burrows was flagged by our system here, sitting near the entrance to this church, at 12:30 am last night. He appeared to be drinking something from a paper bag. He smashed the empty bottle on the ground near the entrance before leaving 30 minutes later. Footage shows him slowly stumbling down the street, falling a couple times before disappearing from view.
  • FRASS Flag 1439 (Andrew)
    FRASS flag number 1439. Name: Andrew Hartley. FRASS flagged Andrew Hartley here at 12:15 am this morning. The footage shows him walking by. Nothing unusual spotted.
  • FRASS Flag 2817 (Mel)
    FRASS flag number 2817. Name: Mel Hartley. Using a picture detective Parham sent from his interview with Mel, FRASS identified her as Melissa Hartley. She was flagged at this location at 11:30 pm. Footage shows her running with what appears to be a baseball bat. Unfortunately the quality is too poor to make out any further details.
  • FRASS Flag 2827 (Kelsey)
    FRASS flag number 2827. Name: Kelsey Hartley. Kelsey Hartley was flagged here last night at 730 pm. The footage shows her walking by. Nothing else of significance was observed.
  • FRASS Flag 3918 (Phil)
    FRASS flag number 3918. Name: Phil Tucker. It appears Phil Tucker was flagged at this intersection last night at 1030 pm. The footage shows him working the intersection with his squeegee until 1130, at which point he sprinted off through traffic.
  • FRASS Flag 4921 (Ferris)
    FRASS flag: #4921. Name: Ferris Vega. It looks like FRASS flagged Ferris Vega here last night at 1:05 am. The footage shows him walking by in the general direction of the crime scene. I can’t make out any other details, the footage is quite blurry.
  • Mahoney's Debrief
    Well folks, it’s official, you’re detectives now! Melissa Hartley will spend the rest of her life behind bars thanks to you. There’s a lot of scumbags left, but our city is a little safer with her off the streets. Keep this up and you’ll be on your way to Captain in no time. When you get back to the precinct, drinks are on me down at the pub. I have a feeling I’ll be working with you on a case again soon. Commander Mahoney out.
  • Albion
    Commander Mahoney Ah yes, ol' Albion. Albion followed Andrew to the hotel where he managed to sneak a picture of his bank card. He then followed Andrew to the bank, where he snapped a picture of his debit card and pin code from the window. He entered the bank after Andrew deposited the cheque and tried to steal his money, but was thwarted by the bank's security procedures and Saku’s assertiveness. After learning he needed the physical bank card to access Andrew's money, Albion gave up on the idea of stealing the money and went to his usual pool hall to try and hustle some of his own. Quite the pool player, Albion always had his favorite cue in tow. After losing most of what little money he had in a couple poorly played matches, he bought the cheapest bottle of vodka he could find and went for a walk to drink away his frustrations. Although down on his luck, Albion felt remorseful for attempting to steal Andrew's money and sat on the steps of a church he stumbled upon. With the door locked, he remained on the steps and drank what was left of his vodka. When he finished it, he smashed the bottle in frustration and left. Still extremely angry over the evening's events, and quite drunk, he walked a couple blocks before destroying his cue against a wall. Although he was not opposed to stealing, Albion was not a killer, and is not the guilty party. Only 2 out of the 3 required categories were incriminating, therefore clearing Albion of the crime. Tread Pattern: This category is incriminating as Albion did have himself a pair of Timberland Redwoods, but they are a pretty popular boot and just a coincidence in this case. Suspicious DNA: The lab results returned traces of dirt, brick and cement from Albion’s pool cue, likely a result of him smashing it to pieces after leaving the church. There is no evidence indicating it was used for anything else, therefore classifying the category as exonerating. Murder Weapon: The pool cue was a possible murder weapon associated with Albion, and is therefore incriminating. Timeline: Albion’s timeline is exonerating. The security footage from the church showed Albion on the steps until 1:00 AM, 30 minutes after he arrived at 12:30, but showed him slowly stumbling away down the street. The murder occurred only a few minutes later, a good distance away, making it highly improbable that he committed the crime.
  • Kelsey
    Commander Mahoney Ah, Mrs. Hartley herself. Clearly not happy with her marriage, Kelsey Hartley met up with the man she was having an affair with, Ferris Vega. Kelsey was hellbent on divorcing Andrew, but she also wanted his money, especially now. She knew HE KNEW she was having an affair. All he had to do was prove that to a judge and she wouldn't get a cent of that life changing inheritance he just got. You see, Kelsey got home from work early that day and got the mail. Seeing a letter from a lawyer addressed to Andrew, she carefully opened it. After seeing the inheritance cheque, she quickly resealed it and put it back in the mailbox. She needed to find a way to stage an affair. If she could prove Andrew was unfaithful first, before she was, she might just have a shot at half the money. Realizing the usefulness of the GPS tracking tags she bought herself last Christmas, and deviously gifting Mel, she quickly concocted a plan. When Andrew got home from work, she slipped one into his wallet without him noticing and began tracking him with her laptop. Later that night, she went to a show with Ferris, but her mind wasn’t with Ferris, it was with the money. It’s all she could think about. Knowing she might need to leave early, she brought her ball bag in an ill conceived plan to pretend she had a late game that night. During the show, she ducked out to the lobby to see if she could catch Andrew in a location she could use to her advantage. After getting into a big fight with Ferris, she stormed out, and over the next couple hours had what many would consider a mental breakdown. She was losing it, fast. She needed to see her psychologist, and being beyond all rational thought, went to her house. After nearly breaking down in her driveway, and breaking her mailbox, she cried and screamed herself out of energy and called a cab to go home. Exhausted, she went to bed immediately after getting home. Although she desperately wanted the money, and despite wanting a divorce, Kelsey still cared for her husband, and could never murder him. Only two of the three required categories were incriminating, therefore clearing Kelsey of the crime. Tread Pattern: This category is exonerating as the tread pattern was not a match. Dr. Reece mentioned Kelsey was dressed up and wearing high heels. Suspicious DNA Evidence: Kelsey’s old wooden bat was found at the bus station with her name and DNA on it. This is definitely suspicious, but was in fact stolen and placed here by the killer in an attempt to frame Kelsey. Murder Weapon: Although the bats Kelsey carried with her all night were in fact aluminum, the wooden bat she kept at home could have been used as the murder weapon, making this category incriminating. Timeline: Her psychologist, Miranda Reece, said she confronted Kelsey at 12:30, but that she lives 45 minutes away. This is a solid alibi as it makes it impossible for Kelsey to have been at the scene of crime when it occurred. Other: Security footage showed her across town at the same time the witness claimed to have served her at the restaurant.
  • Phil
    Commander Mahoney Phil Tucker, well, you wouldn’t be the first one to accuse him of a crime. Probably not the last either. To say Phil was desperate on this day would be an understatement. He was out of money and short on drugs. He was intent on robbing someone, but needed supplies first. As Phil was trying his best to steal what he needed, as well as something he desperately wanted, a new pair of boots, he caught a glimpse of a cop car pull-up outside. Knowing who it was there for, but not wanting to leave empty handed, he quickly opened the back door and threw the roll of tape and his old boots out. He actually pulled one over on us, the sneaky bastard. The officer that arrested him failed to notice he was wearing brand new boots, which let’s just say, isn’t exactly normal for a junkie like Phil. My guess is he’s done this before, or heard of someone who has. Try on some footwear, dump the old ones somewhere and hope no one notices. After getting arrested and subsequently released, Phil was seriously tweaking. He could feel the withdrawal coming and needed a fix, so he grabbed his trusty old squeegee and tried to make what money he could. He was clearly not happy about it though, considering his altercation with the caller we had. Doesn’t seem like it worked either as he gave up an hour later and went with a more, uh, direct route.. Accosting people at a restaurant for money. We’re not sure what he did after getting thrown out, probably don’t wanna know either. Although he was desperate, and known in the system, Phil couldn’t bring himself to armed robbery, or worse, murder. Phil only had two out of the three required incriminating categories. Tread Pattern: Phil’s boots matched the tread pattern at the scene of the crime, however he had stolen new ones and dumped the old ones hours earlier. The cleaner said they were found and placed in the lost and found at 10pm, approximately two hours before the murder. Phil’s new boots, a pair of Kodiaks, did not match the tread pattern, therefore this category is exonerating. Suspicious DNA: There was nothing found in this category for Phil, making it exonerating. Murder Weapon: This cateogry is incriminating as Phil’s squeegee could definitley have been used as a murder weapon, especially with the wooden extension and the way he was threatening people with it. We did not find any evidence suggesting this though. Timeline: The restaurant manager called the cops at 1230, but mentioned the altercation lasted another half hour, until 1:00 am. Although perhaps unlikely, this is not a sufficient alibi as Phil could have made it to the scene of the crime in 10 minutes, and is therefore incriminating.
  • Mel
    Commander Mahoney Hmm, Mel. Interesting choice. I can see why you might think it was her after it became clear she lied about serving Kelsey. If you didn’t catch that, aside from the fact that she wouldn’t give her last name and refused to go inside the restaurant, there were a few uhh, inconsistencies in her interview with Detective Parham. For starters, she kept confusing an iPad with a laptop, and mentioned she saw Kelsey’s screen show some sort of tracking software pinpointing Andrew at a park. We know this isn’t true though, as Andrew was at the hotel bar, then the bank during this time. She also mentioned seeing Kelsey’s picture on the news as a suspect in the murder at the start of her shift, but the murder didn’t happen until later that night. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back though, was when Kelsey was picked up on FRASS across town. This proved Mel lied about the entire restaurant scenario. So we knew she lied about serving Kelsey. But why? Well it turns out that Mel is actually short for Melissa. Her full name is Melissa Jade Hartley. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Melissa Hartley is Andrew’s cousin, the one I mentioned at the beginning. Melissa is the daughter of Robert, THE Robert who left Andrew everything he had. Melissa and her father have been estranged for years, had some sort of falling out. It must have been pretty bad as a few years ago, unbeknownst to her, Robert changed his will to completely cut her out, giving his entire net worth to his only living relative, his nephew Andrew. After Robert’s death, Melissa, expecting to become incredibly rich, instead became incredibly angry. Angry, and desperate. Knowing that her family fortune was given to Andrew, and that as the only child, if something were to happen to him she would be next in line, Mel drove to her cousin’s apartment and waited for him to get home from work. She watched through the door as he jumped up and down after seeing the check, then tailed him as he went to the hotel bar and bank. She followed him as he went for a nice long walk to think about what he was going to do with the money, and eventually into a coffee shop where he enjoyed what would be the last Starbucks Americano he’d ever have. Needing to blend in, Mel bought a coffee herself and sat in the corner with her hat tucked low. This bought Mel some valuable time to come up with a plan. She knew Andrew and Kesley had been having issues, and truth be told, she was never a fan of hers to begin with. She thought about the last time she was at their house, a small family get together last Christmas, and of the gift Kelsey gave her, a set of GPS enabled tags you can attach to valuable items like a wallet or keys. The odd part was that Kelsey mentioned she actually bought a set for herself, but that it was a buy one get one deal and decided to turn the second set into a gift.. Which made Mel resent her even more. She also recalled the gift Andrew gave Kelsey, an old baseball bat signed by Hank Aaron.. even had it registered in her name. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t even touch her coffee.. But it was no matter, Mel had a plan. As Andrew went to the bathroom, leaving his jacket hanging on the chair, Mel calmly got up and walked out the door.. But not before slipping the GPS tag that was attached to her keys into Andrew’s jacket pocket. Not only did she find a way to track Andrew, Mel figured out how to frame Kelsey as well. Now she wasn’t sure about Kelsey, but she knew Andrew wasn’t home, so she took a chance. Thankfully, the key Andrew gave her years ago in case of an emergency still worked, and to her delight, Kelsey wasn’t home either. She was in and out in 1 minute, with the ‘ol 1954 Hank Aaron special in her gloved hand, and a pair of Kelsey’s new Timberland Redwoods on. For the next couple hours, Mel sat in her car watching her phone, waiting for the perfect opportunity and scheming ways to pin it on Kelsey. Realizing she forgot her coffee at Starbucks and feeling like she needed a boost, she went through the Starbucks drive through, which is when she noticed the blinking dot on her phone had stopped moving. Coffee in hand, Mel parked and followed the dot, where she found her cousin sitting alone on a bench, without another soul in sight. After slowly and silently approaching the bench for the back, Mel quietly placed her coffee down, raised the old baseball bat and and murdered her very cousin. You got it right detectives, Mel is the murderer! The following evidence proves it: Tread Pattern: This remained unknown as the missing boots, along with the bat, weren’t found until later. Suspicious DNA: The incriminating evidence was the coffee cup with Andrew’s blood on it found in the garbage can. When the barista asked for her name, Melissa gave her middle name in an attempt to cover her tracks. As she fled the scene, she threw it in the first trash can she saw, not thinking about the fact that there was both blood splatter and her DNA on it. Murder Weapon: Mel used Kelsey’s signed bat in an attempt to frame her for the murder. Afterwards, she cleaned the end she hit him with (ensuring she left the handle where Kelsey’s DNA would be) and placed it at a bus station. She then made an anonymous call that she had seen Kelsey board a bus and leave the bat behind, however she forgot that her initials were set as her caller ID. Timeline: Mel did not have alibi as the last indication of her whereabouts was the FRASS footage of her near Andrew & Kelsey’s apartment at 11:30pm. This footage actually turned out to be incriminating as it shows her with the baseball bat. Other: The next morning, Mel thought up another idea to frame Kelsey. Knowing she had the same GPS tags, she invented the story that she served her at a restaurant the night before and saw her tracking her husband. A number of inconsistencies in the story raised a red flag. For example, there’s no way she could have seen Kelsey as a person of interest on the news at the start of her shift, as the murder didn’t occur until early the next morning. Thanks to your hard work detectives, we’re issuing the arrest warrant now! If you like, you can tap on the remaining characters to find out why they were innocent and what they did last night. When you’re done, tap on the debrief below.
  • Ferris
    Commander Mahoney After Kelsey stormed out of the theatre, Ferris went back in and finished the show. Afterwards, he hailed a cab and went to the area where he saw the blinking dot on the map Kelsey was looking at. He thought Kelsey might be there, but little did he know that the dot she was looking at was actually Andrew, and Kelsey was 45 minutes away at her psychologist's house. At some point as he was looking for her, his work ID badge, which he had in his pocket, slipped out while he was retrieving his phone. Although perhaps short on morals, Kelsey’s secret lover Ferris was no killer. It’s conceivable I supposed that he may have had a motive, to take care of the annoying husband, but there was no evidence to support that theory. Ferris only had 1 out of the required 3 incriminating categories, meaning he was innocent, from the murder anyways.. Tread Pattern: This was not a match and not incriminating as Detective Parham noted that his feet were much too large to match the size 9 tread pattern at the park. Sure, he could have somehow planted smaller prints, but he didn’t. Suspicious DNA: This category was incriminating as Ferris’ ID badge was found near the scene of the crime. Murder Weapon: There was no evidence found regarding a murder weapon associated with Ferris, therefore making it exonerating. Timeline: Ferris does not have an alibi. Although FRASS spotted him at 1:05 am a few blocks away, theoretically he could have sprinted to the scene of the crime. It’s unlikely, but we couldn’t rule it out, therefore making this category incriminating.
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