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HEARO is a production company that creates professionally acted location-based audio games & experiences.

If you're up for the challenge of becoming a HEARO, you'll travel to various locations within your city, which are marked on the live map.

As you navigate from location to location, you'll find yourself at the heart of an unfolding audio adventure with you as the main character and your location as the setting.

In order to be the HEARO and save your city, you'll need to listen to the audio, complete tasks, solve puzzles, find clues and crack codes.


Video games


Escape rooms

Scavenger hunts

Board games

HEARO experiences combine elements from a variety of entertainment options. 

Our mission is for our experiences to be inexpensive & accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a variety of ways to enjoy them.

✔️ Multiple maps & locations in each city

✔️ Walking maps will get you out and exploring

✔️ Driving maps will keep you warm on those frigid winter days

✔️Cooperative or competitive

There's a ton of cheap entertainment options available from your couch, but when it comes to getting out of the house, it can be a bit of a different story. That's why we offer a super fun and entertaining options - whether you choose to drive or walk!

Date Nights

Group Outings

Corporate Events

Birthday Parties

Solo Adventures

Family Days

Affordable. Fun. Accessible. Entertaining. Social.

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